How to Choose Your Fintech Infrastructure Provider

  1. Technical Integrations
  2. Product Flexibility
  3. Economics
  4. Regulatory Compliance
  1. Are your API docs robust and publicly accessible?
  2. What does your technical integration process look like?
  3. Do you have documentation to guide me as I begin building?
  4. Is there an integration team I will work with?
  5. Do you have a full sandbox environment I can have access to?
  6. Do you have any tools to help our product team get up to speed quickly, such as an SDK, or set of boilerplate applications?
  7. How do I add in new product verticals when I’m ready to offer them to my clients such as brokerage, credit, or lending?
  8. How is customer creation and account opening handled through your API?
  9. Is KYC/AML + OFAC handled through your platform or elsewhere?
  10. If it is not provided, how do I supply verification information to you?
  11. What does the process look like?
  1. What products are live and available on the platform today?
  2. What kind of volume can your system handle?
  3. Do my customers receive a checking and savings account?
  4. How do I create use cases around helping my end customers grow savings and control spending?
  5. If we want to tweak something on the platform we’ve built, what is the process for pushing that change live?
  1. What are going to be my year one fixed costs?
  2. What, if any, are my variable costs?
  3. What does your interchange split look like? What are my revenue incentives?
  4. How many customers do I need to reach to hit my breakeven?
  5. How well capitalized does my business need to be in order to get to market?
  6. With other platforms you need to have $1m+ with the bank to go live, how much does it cost with your service?
  7. Do I need to maintain a reserve balance with the platform in order to facilitate negative customer balances, wind-down expenses, or overall risk mitigation?
  8. If so, what is that reserve requirement, and how is it calculated?
  9. Will it scale appropriately with my business or is it one-size-fits-all?
  10. If we move off of your infrastructure at the end of our contract, what kinds of costs can I expect?
  1. How long is it going to take for me to go through the compliance process?
  2. When do I meet the bank?
  3. What happens if the bank says ‘no’?
  4. Where does your compliance team come from?
  5. What are my regulatory responsibilities when working with your bank and your platform?
  6. Do you handle the relationship with the Bank, or do I interact with them directly?
  7. Do I handle KYC/AML+OFAC verification and ongoing BSA monitoring or do I need to do that?
  8. If I need to handle that, do you have specific, preferred partners I should work with, and a clear process for integrating them with your platform?
  9. Who in this relationship handles UDAAP and Training Oversight? How about Vender Management?
  10. How are customer complaints and transaction disputes handled?



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