Fintech 3.0: The Merging of Fiat and Crypto

Over the last decade-plus, crypto and DeFi have rapidly become mainstream, sweeping across financial services and attracting talent and capital from every corner of the technology ecosystem. But while this wave of momentum around decentralization — “Fintech 3.0” — is here to stay, it’s undoubtedly still maturing and questions around identity, risk, and other issues remain, uncertainties only magnified by failures like the Celsius bankruptcy and the broader market downturn. All this turbulence also comes amidst a regulatory cloud that continues to hover precariously over the space, handicapping the ability of crypto and web3 builders to navigate deposit insurance, securities law, and other traditional boundaries.

Enter Embedded Finance. By partnering with a fintech infrastructure platform like Rize, new and established fintechs can integrate capabilities across checking, savings, brokerage, and crypto custodial accounts, effectively bridging the gap between the fiat and decentralized worlds without sacrificing functionality or compliance. In a matter of weeks, builders can stand up an array of solutions like on- and off-ramps, debit cards, rewards, and ACH transfers, creating a powerful hybrid ecosystem that keeps more users and more money on-platform and unlocks a universe of opportunities beyond just trading or liquidity. Money movement between fiat and crypto becomes seamless, and the experience for end users is vastly improved.

For any crypto-oriented fintech contemplating embedding financial products, the advantages are clear:

Robust Compliance

  • Leverage built-in compliance flows specifically designed for crypto fintechs that protect your platform and users without slowing down new features and product launches

Improved Economics

  • Capitalize on additional high-margin revenue streams including interchange, interest, and fee-based income

Deepened Retention and Competitive Differentiation

  • Deploy seamless funds flows and a complete flywheel of financial products that improve customer acquisition and retention and differentiate your product in the market

Flexible, Modern Infrastructure

  • Build on agile, innovative infrastructure that optimizes for the complexities of KYC, vendor management, etc. while allowing you to efficiently scale into new verticals, financial silos, and customer segments


The crypto and fiat worlds are not mutually exclusive: embedded finance only enhances the transparency, creativity, and innovation that galvanized the decentralized ecosystem in the first place. With an infrastructure platform like Rize, crypto and web3 builders can deploy safe, compliance-proof products, better engage and delight their users, and ultimately turn a profit in a market that now demands cash flow above all else. And while a reputation of clunkiness and inefficiency still plagues the crypto space, a future of seamlessness and interoperability across every financial silo is firmly within reach.

Rize and our custodial partners have over-invested in our onboarding, compliance, and risk management processes to ensure that we are well-prepared for that future and the new regulatory environment it will bring. Ultimately, all the benefits of crypto dreamed up years ago are only more tangible today — with nimble, purpose-built infrastructure, the next decade of crypto and web3 is even more exciting and promising than the last.

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